Max & Me Mirooloo Road Riesling

Mirooloo Road Riesling, made since 2017 vintage, is always sourced from a small block in Flaxmans Valley’s Woodcarvers Haven.

The style of this Riesling could be described as full and powerful. It captures the classic Eden Valley lime and jasmine fragrance, but the flavour levels are cranked up. Mirooloo Road is fermented to dryness (no residual sugar), but its generous and ripe Riesling flavour gives it a plush and inviting taste.

The wine is great young, but is well suited to aging. It should be good for cellaring for 10-20+ years.

Mirooloo Road is different from traditional Eden Valley Rieslings. They are often picked when they are highly acidic and early in the ripening process. At this maturity, the juice is pale, and residual sugar is used to balance the searing acidity of the finished wine. Max & Me, by contrast, picks the grapes at ripeness that gives the wine greater flavour weight and depth. With John Vickery as his mentor and collaborator, Phil honed his style making Vickery Rieslings during his formative years.

This wine is delicious in its first year, when green limes and florals are all present, and the acidity is vibrant. But Rieslings from this region have remarkable cellaring potential, especially under screwcaps. The flavours become richer, toastier and honeyed with time.

For vintages 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, the Riesling was made without finings and is Vegan friendly. Vintages 2017, 2018 and 2019 were fined with skim milk, and are Vegetarian friendly.

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